Pick and Pack

Pick and Pack is the most common operation in order fulfillment and a popular service offered by many Fulfillment Centers. It is a process by which the individual components of an order are gathered from a high velocity pick location or master cartons (Picked) and then placed into a box or envelope addressed to a specific order (Packed). The Pick and Pack process sounds simple, but it requires a high degree of coordination, organization and attention to detail to run efficiently and accurately.




Pick and pack is:

  • most laborious in a typical warehouse
  • up to 55% of warehouse operating cost warehouse_cost
  • direct influence on order accuracy and delivery time
  • 50 % of the total order-picking time spent on unproductive traveling


Pick and pack methods should be considered for order fulfillment efficiency.

  1. Routing – determines the sequences and routes of picking
  2. Storage – assigns items to inventory location based on some rules (velocity, logistics unit, etc.)
  3. Order batching – groups two or more orders for picking purpose
  4. Performance – considers size of layout of warehouse, profiles of orders, labor capacity, material handling equipment, etc.
  5. Combination of the above.

Routing methods:


Storage methods:

- Most frequently accessed items in the locations nearest to the shipping area.